Did I hear Coffee ??!

Oh yes! If you drink coffee every morning you are so on the list of the names of dates with. All around the globe more than 2.25 billion coffee cups are consumed every day ( if you count the decimal ). Now they are popular drink. Do you guys know the real facts and truth about this spontaneous coffee every adores so much? If not you have to be sure that whatever you know about this mysterious coffee is a myth or not. Now let’s scroll through some interesting facts.

Coffee keeps you energized all day?

FALSE! This might seem so ridiculously true but coffee only has the effect for about 4 to 6 hours. If you consume a cup of coffee at 10AM, by 2PM there will be only 100mg of coffee left in your body system. However if you drink at 3pm it may help you to stay refreshed till nighttime.

Coffee to EAT? or DRINK?

Back in the ancient history, coffee used to be a food. Well, yeah it is produced from a fruit no wonder it wasn’t used as a super boosting drink before. Africans used to mix animal fat with ground coffee berries to make a paste. They’d make a ball and eat in order to get energy. Now that’s one ball filled with extensive JOULES!

Coffee has a huge amount of caffeine. Caffeine increases the adrenaline levels in the body and frees fatty acids from adipose tissue which leads to great influence while doing sports.

Where does coffee come from? The space? 

Coffee is a fruit! It comes from a tree. In order to produce 2lb of coffee, you need to harvest 2 trees. A coffee grows for about three years before you can harvest it. Apparently, aliens don’t manufacture them.

Medications and Coffee?

I KNOW! German scientists made a discovery that the interaction between caffeine and analgesics increases their effects. Sound feisty isn’t it?

Producing Coffee

People has huge belief the stronger the flavor the dark the color. No offense human beings but that sounds so crazy! The more the caffeine there is in the coffee? However coffee roasting , doesn’t influence the amount of caffeine in it, the levels stay the same. While roasting, moisture evaporates from the bean making them appear GIGANTIC!

Life span of ground coffee

It’s a sad story! The life span is only 15 minutes. If you grind fresh coffee beans, don’t leave it alone but sure to drink it within 15 minutes. After that it loses flavor and the taste changes & you won’t be able to tell the difference from different types of coffee.
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